We have supplied bag filter on various applications and industries namely, Coal based power plant for crusher and screen house, primary and secondary crusher house, bunker house, silos, etc, Steel industries sponge iron plant, Induction furnace, Ferro alloys plant, Rolling mills etc, Cement industries , cement grinding units, Rice mill, lime stone crusher house, ash handling silos, Tire and tube industries etc.


Dust Laden air enters the dust collector through the hopper or high –entry inlet housing section An internal baffle distributes the dirty air within, the housing ,so as to reduce air velocity and allow heavier particles drop into hopper, while lighter particle collects on the outside surface of the bags

For operation of bag filters, suction hoods shall be connected to suction take off points. These suction take off points shall be connected to the main ducting by branch ducting and the other end of main ducting shall culminate into bag filters. The outlet of bag filter to inlet duct of blower and the same will exhaust clean air to atmosphere vide a stack.

Cartridge dust collectors , cassette type bag filter

Cartridge collectors use perforated metal cartridges that contain a pleated, nonwoven filtering media. The pleated design allows for a greater total filtering surface area than in a conventional bag of the same diameter, The greater filtering area results in a reduced air to media ratio, pressure drop and also overall collector size. Cartridge collectors are available in single use or continuous duty designs. In single-use collectors, the dirty cartridges are changed and collected dirt is removed while the collector is off. In the continuous duty design, the cartridges are cleaned by the conventional pulse-jet cleaning system. In cassete type rectangular filter bags are used.

Insertable bag filter

Insertable Bag Filters are suitable for direct mounting for bin vent, belt transfer point, bag-dump, mixer ventilation applications etc. The dust laden air is drawn on to the rectangular filter pads where dust is retained on the outside of the fabric. The pad is cleaned by reverse compressed air pulse. The Insertable Bag Filter offered by us does not require any hoppers, ducting, structural supports, etc. The Insertable Bag Filter

Cyclonic bag filter

Cyclonic bag filter designed for collection of all kinds of dry dust, especially fibrous dust. The combination of cyclone and bag filter enables them to handle a very large dust burden, hence they are also well suited for pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum cleaning Plants. The cylindrical design also makes them suitable for very dusty material like flour from roller flour mills, coal handling plants etc

Maintenence free and service free commissioning of the bag filters.

Our bag filter are commissioned without any pre commissioning - service troubles, we takes at most care in design the system as per site condition and subsequently, all basic parameters like suction pressure, filtration are presecribed and with vast experienced production officials, the bag filter that is installed is made into operation just after switching on the panel of the equipment with no post service jerks during the commissiong of the equipment,

We have supplied bag filter to a capacity of 1,00,000m3/hr to various plants in India, We are supplied and erected and successfully commissioned three nos of bag filter accessories for 78,000m3/hr, 19000 m3/hr, 14000 m3/hr on turnkey basis at a very remote site near Rameshwaran. We have also supplied and commissioned 66,000 m3/hr, 60,000 m3/hr and two nos of bag filter of 7000 m3/hr cap Bag Filter at Chhattisgarh and client has appreciate our good work and design, and has further issued performance certificate also. We have further supplied 88,000 m3/hr, 21000 m3/hr, 16200 m3/hr 15500 m3/hr and 2x6000 m3/hr bag filter, fan and accessories to a single plant in Andhra Pradesh.

We have also supplied six nos of bag filters and accessories for bunker house for M/S Jindal Steel and Power Ltd of their power plant of capacity of 6x135 MW. We have further Supplying three nos of bag filters and accessories to M/S Jindal Steel and Power Ltd of their power plant of capacity 3x180MW. We have so many installation of bag filter in India and abroad and all of them is running  successfully

EIC has received new order from a OEM for 3x150 MW Power Plant Project for 10 nos of DE system for their Coal Handling Plant. It includes bag filter, fan, supposrt structure, dampers etc

EIC has received new order from Jindal Steel & Power Ltd for completely turnkey basis for 3 nof DE system for their Coal Handling Plant. It includes bag filter, fan, supposrt structure, ductings, compressors, dampers etc.

A no of supplies is on crusher house and screen house, on coal plant of power plants, we do like give insight that at one place with ton of dust being collected, at one plant of 150 MW, where, you can hv dust up to knees, after installation of our dust collector, public wonders, where is dust, gives so much attention and has vast experience for dust collector on crusher houses in power plant, give us chance we will not disappoint. .


We has very vast experience in air pollution line and has supplied over 300 bag filters on various applications. Most of bag filter that was supplied had been on crusher and screen house and for steel Industry applications. Our philosophy is to believe in offering the client complete engineering solution for the product, we generally visit the site and design the system as per site requirement. We design right form suction point hood to various duct sizes as per site condition and international standards. We generally require soft copy of plant, for designing the system on turnkey basis in India itself , incase the same is not available, than we visit the site and measures all the suction take off points distances etc and design the duct layout, so that complete system along with the bag filter can give optimum performance.

Thus the equipment supplied after the complete engineering design will give 100% performance on crusher also and after the installation of well designed equipment, you can stand in front of crusher in running condition also.

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Bag Filter is offered for filtering the exhaust fumes from the boiler. Boiler fumes are normally at high temperature, therefore, complete system, bag filter, centrifugal fan etc are designed for high temperature application. The bag filter are specifically designed for the particular boiler,

As per temperature, gas composition and fuel used, bag filter and fan is specifically designed

For a particular project site separately. Bag Filter can operate at a temperature of 140 – 250 Deg C, we select the fabric of filter bags accordingly. We also analyze the fuel used in the boiler and subsequently decide on various specification of the bag filter. Fan is also designed specifically for high temperature applications and for the specific project.

If required, as per project site application, we also supply cyclone / multicylone to safeguard the Bag filter from getting unburned spark particle from the boiler and at the same time, it reduces the dust load on the bag filter.
Bag filter
Bag filter comprises of the dust collecting hoppers, casing , top plates, from which bags and cages will be put up, Heavy duty rotary Air locks, Discharge chute etc. Bag filter will be dully supported on foundation and adequate support structure shall be considered for the same, as per load datas.

The bag-filter shall be of pulse jet type having tubular sleeves and bags is arranged in a rectangular matrix. These bag sleeves contain cylinder cages inside to prevent them from collapsing. The dust laden air is drawn through sleeves by an externally connected centrifugal fan and during this process dust gets accumulated on the outside surface of the bag sleeves . These bag sleeves are periodically cleaned by short blast of compressed air ( Pulse- Jet ) directed downwards through venturies at the top of sleeves . These blast are in direction opposite to the flow of dust laden air. This reverse flow of compressed air flows the fabric bags away from the cages and loosens the dust collected on the bags . This process is initiated for each rows of bags.

Dust get collected on the surface of the filter media and eventually forms a thick cake. When a pulse of compressed air is injected into the filter element a shock wave is induced that causes the dust cake to break away. Some of this air will pass through the filter media in a reverse direction and further separate the dust cake from it. The name “Reverse Pulse Jet” is derived from this cleaning method. Separated dust falls into the hopper where it is removed through an airlock or other airtight device. The airlock has a very important function of preventing air from entering the hopper through its discharge. Leakage at the hopper’s discharge will cause re-entrainment of dust onto the filter elements. which could contribute to high differential pressures.

Fume extraction systems is provided to capture the dust from the fumes generated from induction furnace,

For capture of dust from the fumes generated, side/top suction hoods has to be installed at suitable locations at induction furnace.. The dusty air is being sucked and then cleaned in pulse jet type bag filters before discharging cleaned air to atmosphere through fan and chimney/ exhaust duct, etc.

The dust/fume extraction systems essentially comprise suction hoods, ducting, pulse jet type bag filter, centrifugal fan, MCC panel and chimney /stack

Fume Collecting Side Hood -- Swiveling Hood
A side hood should be used and its duct should come in between two crucible at the Centre line. A swiveling hood Should be used and option for motorized system for movement of the hood should be given. Hoods shall be located near the point of generation of maximum pressure during formation of dust.

The hoods shall be adequately sized to collect all dusty air generated at the point. Velocity in the hood must n be so that complete fumes emitting from the furnace should be sucked into furnace.

Velocity of the side hood should be 3.5 – 7-8 m/sec, as vendor feels, their equipment shall be able to suck the fumes..

The hoods shall be made of M.S. Plate of adequate thickness not less than 3.15/5 mm.

Hood width should be more than furnace diameter and should commence from 150mm above the ground. And Spark Arrester, -- In MS --- A spark arrester of adequate size shall be given between the bag filter and hood.

Beside the spark arrester, a pneumatic damper to be provided at the duct in between spark arrester and bag filter And that shall be connected through the thermo couple and suitable arrangement to a temperature sensor in the duct, if air temperature in the duct exceed 128 Deg C, than damper should open automatically and dilute the air in the duct so that temperature of air in the duct should fall down.

Bag Filter
Bag filter comprises of the dust collecting hoppers, casing , top plates, from which bags and cages will be put up, Heavy duty rotary Air locks, Discharge chute etc. Bag filter will be dully supported on foundation and adequate support structure shall be considered for the same, as per load datas.